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Food at Work

Food knows no borders or boundaries, but our relationship with what we eat is changing both within and outside of the workplace. Employees are eating leaner, menus are getting greener, and waste processes are being streamlined. Food at Work unwraps the modern dietary demands, sustainability strategies and big innovations fueling the future of corporate food culture. Get the inside scoop.

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Glass building

Workplace Experience

Employees have different needs and habits when it comes to their work. But the ecosystem is complex and expectations are growing. As the line between work and life continues to blur, how people engage and interact with the workplace has become a key differentiator. Workplace Experience provides the building blocks leaders need to design a human-centric environment where everyone can thrive.

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Clouds and sunshine

Positive Impact

The world is changing. Population growth, environmental issues and social shifts are fundamentally altering the way we live and work. Corporate responsibility isn’t just a moral commitment, it also makes good business sense. Progressive organizations are paving a new way forward. Positive Impact treads that path, asks the difficult questions, and explores the key issues facing businesses today.

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Numbers on a screen

Digital Transformation

Technology is at the forefront of organizational transformation. Digital solutions are unlocking operational efficiency and better business performance. Understanding the core approaches and applications associated with emerging technologies is proving critical for organizations in highly competitive markets. Digital Transformation decodes the true impact of technology on the workplace.

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