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Sodexo Ventures allows Sodexo to combine the agility and creativity of start-ups with the Group’s investment capacity, expertise and international footprint to create even more value for our clients and consumers through ever more innovative Quality of Life services.



Sodexo Ventures, has invested in AEYE-GO, a Chinese technology company focused on smart visual checkout systems.

  • First investment in innovative Chinese start-up ecosystem.
  • Food and facial recognition technology speeds up queues, offers personalized nutrition information for consumers and drives efficiencies for clients.

AEYE-GO is a startup focusing on computer vision and artificial intelligence technology for the collective catering industry. At present the company has realized technological resolution R&D and commercial availability, such as first generation tableware recognition system, second generation tableware + food recognition system, third generation food recognition system, and calorie healthy management system.

Core technical members of the company are AI doctoral candidates from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, who have published papers at op AI academic summits, and well-known contests such as "Global AI startups challenge" and "Google Cup National mobile application competition”. The vision of AEYE-GO is to build intelligent collective dining, making group meals more delicious, healthier and more efficient.


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Simplifying the day to day life of companies

Date of investment: November 2016
Industry: Digital / SSII / Software
Description: Wynd is a white label retail platform developed by the Thematic Group, founded by Ismael Ould and Arthur Perticoz in 2013 to bring new solutions to retailers, connecting the consumer both to the point of sale and the production site. The platform is software agnostic, able to interface with any existing system, and omni-channel, able to be adapted to any consumer touchpoint. It brings a full solution to manage on-site & off-site sales, a unified back-office to handle operations & CRM, and a solution to authorize & process on-site and off-site payment.

Ismael Ould, CEO and co-founder of Wynd“After building a rewarding partnership over the past year, we are delighted to continue to grow our business with Sodexo, with whom we share the same values and ambition to revolutionize the consumer experience.”
Ismael Ould, CEO and co-founder of Wynd, said of the investment

Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO from 2005 to January 2018“Sodexo Ventures inaugural investment in Wynd reflects Sodexo’s enhanced focus on the “consumer experience” to respond to the changing needs and behaviors of its 75 million consumers worldwide.”
Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO from 2005 to January 2018



Delivering lasting health improvement outcomes, high enrollment, and better employee engagement.

Date of investment: February 2017
Industry: Digital / Wellness / Employee Engagement
Description: Founded in 2013, LifeDojo, a leading person-centered corporate health behavior change startup based in San Francisco, California, is a human-centered platform that makes transformative life changes possible for employees everywhere. It has developed a coaching platform delivering   technology - driven employee health and engagement programs.

Chris Cutter, Co-Founder and CEO of LifeDojo“We are thrilled to announce not just the Series A funding, but an incredibly well-matched alliance of shared goals and values. Sodexo genuinely cares about the quality of life of every one of the millions of employees it serves on a daily basis. We are proud that LifeDojo will be an integral part of engaging and improving the health of those employees in a uniquely empowering, incredibly effective way.”
Chris Cutter, Co-Founder and CEO of LifeDojo

Mia Mends, CEO of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services USA and Inspirus“We are excited to join forces with LifeDojo to bring an improved workplace wellbeing coaching technology platform to our family of enterprise employee engagement solutions. The LifeDojo platform and method are grounded in public health methods that get measurable population-level results, and now we’ll be bringing these valuable tools to millions of new people. We’re both passionate, mission-driven companies and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”
Mia Mends, CEO of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services USA and Inspirus



Improving work experience of all employees by ensuring a better work/life balance.

Date of investment: February 2017
Industry: Mobility / Workspace
Description: Founded in 2010, Neo-nomade is the leading platform for booking coworking spaces in France. With over 1200 locations, the service allows freelancers, start-ups and employees to access flexible workspaces on the go, promoting new ways of working via remote work and coworking. With its BtoB service tailored for large organisations, Neo-nomade is already partnering with big companies such as EDF, Crédit Agricole or Generali to enable remote working and flexible workspace / real estate management.

Baptiste Broughton, co-fondateur de Neo-nomade“L’époque du métro-boulot- dodo est révolue. Avec Neo-nomade, nous redonnons de la liberté aux salariés et nous les accompagnons dans leur mobilité que ce soit à domicile, en coworking ou à l’intérieur des bureaux. Nous nous sommes retrouvés dans la mission de Sodexo d’apporter plus de services et de bien-être aux salariés : c’est notre raison d’être depuis notre création.”
Baptiste Broughton, co-fondateur de Neo-nomade

Philippe Bonnet, CEO of Corporate Services, Sodexo France“En tant que leader mondial des services de Qualité de Vie, Sodexo a pour mission d’accompagner ses clients dans l’organisation et la mise en place de leur environnement de travail et propose, grâce à une offre de services riche et innovante, une parfaite réponse à l’évolution constante de leurs besoins. Ce partenariat avec Neo-nomade, qui possède une vision très pertinente des évolutions des modes de travail, nous permet d’associer agilité et créativité, et d’approfondir notre expertise au service de nos consommateurs .”
Philippe Bonnet, CEO of Corporate Services, Sodexo France



Sodexo Ventures, has acquired a minority stake in Klaxit, a start-up that is a pioneer in home-to-work carpooling.

A Quality of Life solution to reduce transportation costs, fatigue and stress while building workers’ sense of community to improve their quality of life.

Date of investment: February 2018
Industry: Mobility/collaborative economy
Description: Klaxit, launched in 2014 by Julien Honnart and Cyrille Courtière, is the French leader in home-to-work carpooling. Drawing on a mobile application designed to meet the everyday needs of workers, and a roll-out strategy focusing on big business, Klaxit creates carpooling networks that allow more than 8 out of 10 members to meet up with fellow carpoolers traveling on their route at times that fit their schedule.

Julien Honnart, co-founder and CEO of Klaxit“Carpooling between home and work is an enormous market we can’t conquer on our own. We’re building the best ecosystem of partners and shareholders around Klaxit in order to become the European market leader. Our four partners, who are experts in mobility and corporate services, have consolidated revenues of more than €30 billion and several million customers, and have considerable marketing, commercial and financial power that can propel us ahead of Blablacar and GAFA.”
Julien Honnart, co-founder and CEO of Klaxit

Belen Moscoso del Prado, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Sodexo“Our investment in Klaxit gives us an opportunity to expand our mobility services offer while joining us with shareholders who have complimentary expertise. Like every investment through Sodexo Ventures, this minority holding creates a partnership that combines the agility and creativity of start-ups with the Group’s investment capacity, expertise and footprint to continue to offer our customers ever more value.”
Belen Moscoso del Prado, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Sodexo

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