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Benefits of being a registered shareholder

Registered Sodexo shareholders are entitled to:

Sodexo share codes

Sodexo bearer shares are traded under the code FR0000121220.

The code for registered shares already eligible for the dividend premium is FR0011532431. Different share codes have been introduced for registered shares in order to reflect the period in which the shares were acquired and to determine eligibility for the dividend premium.

The use of different codes does not affect the tradability of the shares. When selling shares, it is advisable to sell the most recently acquired first in order to maintain the dividend premium rights on the highest number of remaining shares.

Sodexo Share Price Codes








For an accessible version of this chart, see page 281 of the interactive Universal Registration Document.


How to transfer Sodexo shares

To transform your Sodexo shares into registered and managed shares, simply send a written request to your financial intermediary. In order to facilitate this procedure, you may download the form.

Your financial intermediary will then take the appropriate steps with Société Générale. Once Société Générale receives and acknowledges your application, the shareholding unit will send you a registration note and will become your sole point of contact in respect of the shares involved.

Contacts for registered shareholders

Directly-registered shareholders’ accounts are managed by Société Générale, which also acts as transfer agent for all Sodexo shares.


For further information call:


Société Générale Nantes (France): +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89
or visit the Société Générale website: www.sharinbox.societegenerale.com

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