Training and personal development

Every day, our services improve the Quality of Daily Life for 100 million people in businesses, hospitals, schools and remote sites around the world. The fact that we are the leader in most of these markets is not by chance. It is a result of the talent, skills and commitment of our employees, our most important resource. It’s no wonder that we strive to help them grow ...

Global Learning and Development

Among the global training programs through which Sodexo provides training and opportunities for internal advancement to its employees are its academies.

  • At the Sodexo Ambassador program, our 460,000 employees receive a consistent understanding of what Sodexo stands for and how we all improve quality of life,
  • At the Sales Academy, new knowledge, skills and behaviors are provided to sales professionals. Training is given in the Sodexo way of selling, including selecting the right opportunities, adopting a robust methodology for gaining client agreement and applying Go-No Go decisions. The On-Site Manager Academy will provide training to 1,500 managers in 11 languages in Fiscal 2019. The curriculum includes driving growth through relationship development with clients and identifying opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. Other priorities emphasized are managing and engaging teams, nurturing and developing talent on-site, focusing on operational efficiency, controlling costs and delivering on promises to clients.
  • The On-Site Manager Academy is designed to re-engage managers by supporting them in the most challenging aspects of the role; Driving growth through developing great relationships with clients and identifying opportunities to cross sell and upsell, Managing and engaging their teams; nurturing and developing their talent on-site and focusing on operational efficiency, cost control and delivering on our promises to our clients.
  • The Global FM Academy, accredited by the BIFM, helps to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for operational managers to grow Sodexo’s Facilities Management business through courses on FM strategy to support client retention as well as health and safety.

Growing with us


Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO, comments on the importance of diversity to Sodexo: “our investments are starting to pay off,” he explains.

Sodexo Management Institute


At Sodexo, senior executives participate in induction programs that are privileged moments for employees to meet as part of developing a common vision.

Human Resources Key figures

460,000 employees in 72 countries

1st France-based private employer worldwide

14.6 hours of training per employee provided

69% Employee engagement rate*

84% of employees rate Sodexo as the best employer in its sector*

*2018 employee engagement survey sent to 386,262 Sodexo employees to which 211,501 responded.