Career springboard

95% of our employees are in direct daily contact with our consumers. Sodexo's success depends on our employees’ expertise, pride and pleasure in delivering our services across all of our businesses. We strive to ensure that each individual, whatever their qualifications, has the opportunity to continuously develop their skills and advance in their responsibilities.

Since its founding, internal promotion has been part of Sodexo’s DNA: 80% of managers have been promoted from within. In extending this practice throughout the company, we provide the same opportunities to all employees to evolve and grow.

The desire to advance

A policy of promoting from within works when it instills a desire to advance, combining effective communication, promotion of occupational mobility and development of skills. Today, 79% of our employees feel they have the means to evolve within Sodexo.

Whatever their country, level of training or responsibilities, each employee has our commitment to support them in advancing, according to their abilities and ambition. To deliver on our commitment, we have implemented programs to identify talent and evaluate individual needs.
* Source: 2010 Sodexo engagement survey 

In practice...

In Fiscal 2010, 34% of our managerial openings went to site managers and 21% of our site manager positions were filled by employees who had begun in front-line positions.

  • In the U.S., one of every two management positions is filled through promotion of service employees.
  • In Germany, a training center was created to enable employees to understand the most complex and innovative aspects of their profession.
  • In France, the number of apprentices benefiting from mentoring has multiplied by 2.5 since 2005.


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With activities across 80 countries and more than 100 families of jobs, we offer a vast array of opportunities for everybody whatever their background.

Human Resources Key figures

427,000 employees in 80 countries

19th private largest employer in the world

13.6 hours of training per employee trained on average

68% Employee engagement rate*

88% of employees rate Sodexo as the best employer in its sector*

* 2016 employee engagement survey sent to 371,761 Sodexo employees to which 211,501 responded.