Introducing vegan, vegetarian and plant-based menus around the world

Introducing Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-based Menus Around the World

Published on : 4/18/19
  • Consumers are more aware than ever of the benefits certain foods can provide. There’s a growing demand for plant-based foods and new fruits and vegetables with a range of nutrients and vitamins that promise a wide variety of results.

    Our culinary team constantly gathers and tracks consumer trends, including the skyrocketing interest in plant-based dining. See how we’ve been delighting our guests with vegan, vegetarian and plant-based menus around the world…

    Germany, Austria and Switzerland: A tribute to enjoyment and sustainability

    Three European countries feature Peter + Silie, Sodexo’s first vegetarian and vegan concept.

    Recipient of the 2016 Caterer of the Year award, Peter + Silie is one thing above all else, incredibly good food, with great vegetarian and vegan recipes and an excellent plate presentation, Peter + Silie is committed to offering nature’s bounty with its seasonably changing menu and emphasis on sustainability. Launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Peter + Silie is now available in 85 restaurants.

    Michelin star chef Roland Trettl, best known for TV shows like “Kitchen Impossible”, “First Dates”, “Caravan of Chefs” and “The Button”, partnered with Sodexo chefs to develop more than 110 vegetarian and vegan recipes, and now serves as Peter + Silie’s brand ambassador.

    USA: Plant forward leads the way

    Together with Ken Botts, Director of Food and Nutrition for the Humane Society of the US (HSUS), Lisa Fieldman, Director of Recipe Management within Sodexo USA’s culinary solutions team has developed a plant forward menu. The first 200 recipes have now been launched, each packed with crave-worthy plant-based options. So far the result has been extremely positive and has generated excitement both for our guests and our on-site culinary teams.

    This is only the beginning and these recipes are now available in the core menus for our restaurants within Universities, Healthcare and Corporate Services (Business & Industry) in the USA.

    Lisa and Ken are already working on the next stage and are planning to launch many more delightful plant-based dishes that will surprise and delight our guests.


    Chef Arkadiusz Nawakowski serves a largely millennial guest population at Sodexo’s Poland’s restaurant at a popular private TV station. Market research showed that one in ten Gen Y Polish citizens followed a vegan or vegetarian diet so when a guest asked Chef Nawakowski for more vegetarian options next step was obvious – reshape the menu to include more plant-based dishes.

    Chef Arkadiusz’s passion for creating delicious vegetarian dishes led to a new recipe collection that was offered in all white-collar sites in Poland, making Sodexo the first to offer a vegetarian menu long before the trend took hold in the country. From 2016 to 2018, the number of plant-based dishes served daily increased from 40 to 240! These amazing results combined with positive guest feedback and the evolution of the trend, encouraged Sodexo Poland to expand the menu to include more strictly vegan dishes.

    Australia: Lean, Clean and Green

    The Lean, Clean and Green approach is the future of menu design in Australia, especially for clients who express a desire for health eating and green living – and it’s been a huge success. Our vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose-free dishes are now at the heart of the menu.

    Eating food that is closest to its natural state, minimal processing, fresh and local, nature friendly and in season products and produce are all hallmarks of the Lean, Clean and Green approach. From fruits and vegetables to whole grains, nuts and dairy, the focus on environmentally friendly and organic ingredients in our menus means we’re reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the effort to use fewer chemicals.

    We’ve incorporated gluten free flours into our dishes, as well as dairy- and lactose-free menu options. For those who prefer, each vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free meal can be accented with sustainably farmed meat or seafood.

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