A professional step up with a Certified Training course

In a service-driven company like Sodexo, where 95% of employees have daily contact with the customer, company success is measured by their expertise and professionalism. That’s why Sodexo’s training policy in France focuses on building the skills of its employees.

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Consolidating skills learned on the job

Sophie Kochian who received her certification to become General and Chef Manager shares her feedback on the training program: “I had been working as an intern at Sodexo for two years, so I had some experience, but this Training course to become Site Manager really helped consolidate what I had learned on the job.”

Company policy has a particular focus on developing the careers of seniors or women, as well as employees who lack strong qualifications and training. That’s why, Sodexo has established several training programs that lead to a recognized certification. Known as CQPs, Professional Qualification Certificates (or Certificats de Qualification Professionnelle) are comprehensive work-study programs of 94 to 330 hours. The goal of a CQP is to consolidate the employee’s existing skills, mainly learned on the job, and teach new approaches and knowledge that will enhance job satisfaction for the trainee as well as improve the end experience for the consumer.

QCP: the numbers in France

A work-study program that leads to qualification

The programs combine a classroom component, led by the Sodexo Training team, with on-the-job training by a certified employee with at least 2 years of experience in that particular job. This key role is a volunteer position, generally attracting strong team players who are keen to share their hard-won knowledge and experience with others. They are given full support in their role by Sodexo Training team, who ‘train the trainers’ in how best to manage their time and teaching of the trainee. At the end of the program, the trainee’s progress is evaluated by a jury from the professional sector who awards the CQP, a widely-recognized qualification within the Hospitality and Catering Industries.

CQP: a passport to professionalism in any job

As every single position is vital to the overall satisfaction of consumers, the CQP training programs can be a great way for employees to boost future job prospects for almost any position. Sodexo has several training courses for its Cleaning Services, including a recently launched Health Center Cleaner CQP - a specialized program for the advancement of those doing the important and delicate work of cleaning in care institutions. As the employee’s skills grow, so does their pride and professionalism. And by pursuing a CQP, employees learn a more structured approach including theory and practice, which helps build their knowledge of the basic information in their field - the first rung on any career ladder. The CPQ is also a way for our employees to discover new professions.

Seeing the bigger picture

The employees seeking to take on more responsibility can also access certified training. In the Restaurant industry, there’s a course – and at 287 hours a fairly extensive one - to become Head Site Manager. This is the course that piqued the interest of Aude Flouron, a dietician in the central kitchen at Lavit de Lomange, France. She received her General and Chef Manager CQP certification in February, 2012. “This course helped me see a bigger picture, and to learn from colleagues with different perspectives. You take a step back from the daily job and become more flexible and more efficient, adapting more easily to a new site.” Her coursework proposals for new large text menus, designed to meet the needs of seniors, were a bit hit with Sodexo’s client, a retirement home. The training enabled Aude, by sharing her ideas, to confirm Sodexo’s promise to improve quality of life for customers and employees alike.

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The mission of the Ecole des Métiers is to develop skills of Sodexo teams through a national network of qualified professionals:

More than 150 members across all regions in France

20 training programs covering more than 10 skills areas.


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With activities across 72 countries and more than 100 families of jobs, we offer a vast array of opportunities for everybody whatever their background.