Sodexo employee at a till

Improving customer experiences through Sodexo’s Soft Services

Published on : 5/7/19
  • Anyone who has driven a significant distance on an interstate knows how frustrating it can be to let a service plaza pass you by only to find that the next one doesn’t look as appealing. Or the next one. Or the one after that. 

    But fear not if you are driving along I-95, RT-15 or I-395 in Connecticut, United States where new state-of-the-art 24/7 service plazas offer a variety of hospitality and retail brands – including McDonald’s, Dunkin’, Subway, a convenience store and a gas station.

    The result of a recently announced 25-year relationship between the state of Connecticut and Sodexo came about through the innovation of Sodexo’s Soft Services Framework (SSF) – a network of systems, technology and resources that helps create consistency in how services are delivered and provides access to expertise and support for managers and sales teams. The project leverages Sodexo’s market research to deliver innovative, high-quality customer experiences at 23 service plazas throughout the state.

    Service plaza cleanliness makes a vital first impression that impacts the entire consumer experience. Sodexo’s 24/7 Service Response Center ensures 24-hour responsiveness for service continuity. Other services include a mobile custodial solution through the Command Center, a centralized program management office, an asset management framework, a computerized maintenance management system and a site management system.

    “Our goal is to provide guests with “wow” experiences and options. Elements of our successful partnerships include price predictability, data transparency and easy day-to-day interactions.”  Brett Ladd, CEO - Sodexo Government, North America.