A stable climate and rich biodiversity are indispensable to the long-term future of all life on our planet. 

As a responsible food services company, we have a duty to act. Two ways we know we can make an impact is through our own use of plastic food packaging and through the waste management services we provide to our clients. 

Food packaging is often an important part of how customers receive their food, but this packaging is recycled at lower rates. Therefore, the use of disposable plastic packaging is a complex trade-off for food and retail services, between ensuring food security, reducing product damage and waste whilst being aware of the issue of plastic waste. 

What are we doing about single-use plastic?

Making commitments: 

Our country teams have made commitments to phase out single use plastics. 15 countries in Europe, representing 88% of our European On-site Services revenues, have already achieved big steps by removing and replacing plastic take-away bags, plates, cutlery, straws and stirrers wherever possible. 
We also offer reusable alternatives to single-use plastic items in an additional 11 countries. 

Working together:

We work with suppliers to limit the packaging and single-use plastics coming to our sites.

We work with clients to transform some sites into “waste-free sites”. Catalogues alternate sustainable products and substitute items that, subject to the client’s agreement, can replace single use plastic items.


We work with start-ups to find innovative solutions to measure our waste and to find alternatives to single use plastics

On pilot sites, we are testing models of reusable food packaging as well as reusable alternatives for items such as mugs and cutlery.

We are working on deposit return schemes within a number of our sites – this involves installing reverse vending machines, whereby people put their plastic bottle into a machine and get their deposit back – placing a value on waste.

Waste management systems:

We implement waste management systems on sites.

We choose waste management providers who can guarantee materials are reused, recycled or repurposed.


Sodexo Group signed a Manifesto calling on United Nation states to commit to a global treaty on plastic pollution. 


Eliminate single use cups

At Sodexo’s global HQ, we eliminated single use cups all across the site. This initiative avoids the use of 320,000 cups every year. To achieve this, we introduced reusable cups coupled with water efficient washing machines and strong hygiene practices, engaging both consumers and the site management team. We also implement a plastic-free coffee offer.

Awareness campaign

Every year since 2012, through our WasteLESS campaign, Sodexo teams around the world engage clients to develop waste reduction programs, inspiring behavioral change for consumers and our teams.


In France, FoodChéri, the first foodtech player to have used 100% eco-responsible packaging, is going even further. FoodChéri now offer their meals in returnable packaging made from reusable plastic. Anther step closer to zero-waste.

Alternative solutions

In India, Sodexo has replaced nearly 8 million plastic products with their equivalent created using more sustainable materials such as paper straws, wooden beverage stirrers, wooden utensils and paper in aluminum packaging.

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