Our responsible partnerships: moving forward together

For us to reach our corporate responsibility goals and to raise awareness, we know that we cannot do this on our own. We are glad to have built long-lasting and fruitful partnerships with external organisations that foster sustainability and diversity. 

Partnering with the WWF to reduce our environmental impact

We have partnered with the WWF since 2010, working to improve our sustainable food offers and purchasing practices. The partnership was renewed in May 2020 for 3 years, focused on promoting sustainable eating and reducing carbon emissions, including the following workstreams:

  • increase the share of low-carbon menus
  • source responsibly 
  • reduce food waste
  • foster employee engagement.
“We are delighted to renew this partnership with Sodexo, a long-standing partner of WWF. Sodexo’s scale can help it drastically reduce its environmental impact and we are heavily invested in supporting its transformation. In working on the evolution of Sodexo's offer, we also aim to achieve greater sustainability in the food services sector,”
Marie-Christine KorniloffDeputy Director for Corporate Engagement, WWF France

Fighting against food waste

We are committed to prevent food waste and have teamed up with different organisations to make sure we stay on track. With our partners’ help, we are working to achieve our objective to reduce our food waste by 50%.

Implementing a “farm to fork” approach with the International Food Waste Coalition

We are aware that it requires a huge effort from all participants in the food chain to make a decisive positive impact. We are proud be a founding member of the International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC), joining forces and expertise with other companies to prevent food waste with a collaborative “farm-to-fork” approach.

Sharing expertise to make a collective impact with Champions 12.3

Champions 12.3 is a coalition of executives dedicated to working towards achieving the 12.3 United Nations’ goal to halve global food waste by 2030. Sophie Bellon, our Chairwoman and CEO is furthering our focus on taking strong, transparent action to support the sustainable use of natural resources, waste reduction and food waste diversion.

Uniting leading food companies against waste with the 10x20x30 initiative

As another step we have taken towards the United Nations’ Target 12.3, we have joined the 10x20x30 initiative, along with nine other world leaders in the food industry. With the goal of efficient collective waste reduction, these partners are working with 20 of their priority suppliers to implement shared waste measurement processes throughout the value chain.

Protecting animals with Global Coalition for Animal Welfare

We are a founding member of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW), the world’s first food industry-led initiative aimed at advancing animal welfare standards throughout the supply chain and collectively eliminating systemic barriers to improve breeding, transportation, and slaughter conditions.

Joining forces to build a more inclusive society

In recognition of record-high levels of inequality, we have joined the G7 coalition Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG). The coalition is made up of 34 leading international companies that have committed to stepping up business action to advance human rights throughout their value chains, building inclusive workplaces, and improving inclusion in their internal and external business ecosystems.

We also nurture external strategic partnerships to accelerate their efforts to contribute in a relevant way toward equality and justice in society.

  • We fight for gender equality with: BSR – Business Action for Women – Catalyst – Women’s Empowerment Program – United Nations Global Compact – Global Summit of Women – Pacto Global – WeCONNECT – STOP HUNGER.
  • We empower people with disabilities with: Global Business and Disability Network from International Labour Organization (ILO) – Valuable 500.
  • We value LGBTQ+ people with: Out & Equal – Workplace PRIDE – UN STANDARDS.
  • We respect all cultures and origins with: TENT Foundation, ENAR.
  • We help generations bond with: Nestlé Global Alliance for Youth and Beyond.