In their own words, Van Oord, a global shipping fleet of more than 70 vessels operating across the world, tells how Sodexo went beyond the standard cost efficiencies and service standardization, to become a true strategic partner over the past decade.

“Over time, we have become colleagues,” says Evert Dunk, Vice-President, Offshore & Marine, “We are both family-owned businesses working across different cultures and geographies which helped accelerate this.”

And while the pillar of safety was what first attracted Van Oord to Sodexo many years ago, this case study shows how Sodexo helped them “take back control” and successfully navigate through difficult business transitions.  This is a partnership that has truly weathered the storms.
Van Oord delivers innovative, high-quality maritime projects worldwide - from dredging for offshore wind farm projects to oil and gas infrastructure. The role of Sodexo is to make Van Oord’s crews feel at home during their time at sea by safely delivering a range of services including cleaning and providing tasty nutritious meals.


Read the full case study here for more facts, timelines, and interesting details.


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