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Ensuring nutrition for school children in the Himalayan Mountains

In the Ladakh region of the Himalayan mountains at 3,500m above sea level, temperatures can drop below -25 degrees.

Despite this harsh environment, 8 boarding schools host pupils from 4 to 18 years old. Historically the main food source for the boarding schools has been rice and grains due to the harsh local climate.

To improve their nutrition and health, together with LEHO and HOKA, two local NGO’s, and the GoodPlanet Foundation, Stop Hunger has supported the installation of bioclimatic solar greenhouses.

Stop Hunger is a global non-profit network, created by Sodexo. Their goal is to sustainably eradicate hunger in the world. 100% of the donations made to Stop Hunger go directly to support the needs of it's 1,200 local NGO partners and their beneficiaries around the world.

The bioclimatic solar greenhouses are able to produce enough fresh vegetables to enrich meals for the eight boarding schools of Ladakh all year around.

To further support this initiative, we sent three Sodexo India experts to Ladakh to support the boarding school teams in preparing and cooking this new source of produce to ensure maximum nutrition and health for the pupils.

The skills-based mission of Navin Khadilkar, Corporate chef, Johnson Vaz, Assistant General Manager, Design & Build and Snowel Dsouza, Health Safety and Environment Manager was to share good practice in cooking and food security. Together they taught the boarding school cooks how to prepare healthy meals with the fresh vegetables from the greenhouses to preserve their nutritional quality and to guarantee proper nutrition for the students.

The nutritional qualities of fresh produce far outweigh those of dried produce and the children of the eight Ladakh boarding schools are now able to enjoy the benefits of healthy and balanced meals all year around thanks to this initiative. 

Watch this video to find out more about the program and hear from our experts. Visit the Stop Hunger website to discover the range of initiatives in local communities and with local NGO's or to make a donation. 


September 04, 2019

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