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Can Replacing Your Lights Turn Into Greater Profit?

The Carbon Trust has previously calculated that “for many businesses a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.” And, lighting usually represents around 40% of a building’s total energy consumption – therefore more efficient lighting is a simple and effective way to reduce energy use.

Read the Carbon Trust case study.

Tillery Valley Foods took this to heart, and overhauled lighting in their 12,275m2 food production site in Wales that operates 156 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.  They are the leading provider of chilled and frozen prepared meals for the healthcare, education, authority, and food service markets in their area. With such a large site in round-the-clock usage, lighting was the low-hanging fruit for cost-savings and immediate change.

Our Energy Management Services:

While many still think of Sodexo as a foodservice company, we have many years of experience saving clients millions of dollars, and even more importantly, helping the planet through our Energy Management services.  Here’s how we helped Tillery Valley Foods save hundreds of thousands.

What did we do?

We worked with our specialist lighting partners and a detailed site survey to design and install a leading LED solution safely, efficiently and ensuring full emergency lighting compliance.

LED lighting is extremely efficient and can deliver energy savings of up to 80%, while providing a better-quality, safer lighting environment along with reduced maintenance costs as the LEDs have a much longer lifetime than halogen or fluorescent lights.

With the Sodexo team fully managing the process, the full installation took only four weeks to complete. **Working around the existing operation without disruption, the site continued to operate ‘business as usual’.

What was the impact?

The change in lighting type at Tillery Valley Foods will save over £356,000 over 5 years in electricity costs alone as well as more than 500,000 kWh in electricity each year. The payback of the cost of the implementing the new lighting programme will be complete in less than 1.5 years.

Over and above cost, the carbon footprint of the site has been reduced by over 290 tonnes.

“There has been a large positive change to lighting quality in the work areas. In addition to the cost savings, the benefits for switching to LED are clear. This project has really helped to reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions, which works towards our overriding sustainability targets.”
Suzanne Harris, Head of Finance, Tillery Valley Foods

Where can you make change?

These interesting infographs show the rising costs of many different types of fuels around the world.  But saving energy goes beyond saving money…employee morale is strongly tied to a company’s efforts to be more sustainable, employee efficiency often increases as well as spaces become smarter, better lit, and healthier with energy upgrades.

But company leaders may find other low-hanging fruit in their companies.  We can help you reduce energy, water consumption, and your carbon footprint in many ways.  We provide simple solutions for safety, growth, compliance and innovation, enabling you to increase profitability, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

October 28, 2019

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