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Admit it, you have judged a restaurant by its bathroom at least once.

“It may surprise you to learn that the washroom experience can make or break a company’s image, and bathrooms have become a tool in improving both your branding and the customer experience,” says modernrestaurantmanagement.com

Keeping all areas of your business clean is not a new concept to successful businesses, but how to do it most efficiently rarely gets the time it deserves to result in real savings.

Sodexo challenged the overlooked and ordinary with technology, reduced cleaning hours by 15%, and was recognised in the process. These small efficiencies add up to big savings, and make your staff and employees happier too.  And, we believe that hygiene is the foundation of an individual’s quality of life. 

Here is how we did it, and you can too.

Demand-Driven Cleaning

With a client who was implementing digital solutions elsewhere, we took it a step further. Through new technology, we brought facility usage data to our fingertips, allowing our cleaning teams to provide demand-driven cleaning.

We implemented sensored supplies holders by Tork Easy Cube, and embedded wireless multi-sensors by our partner Thingdust to measure occupancy as well as the room climate of almost every space type: workdesks, meeting rooms, bathrooms, hallways.  

Then, we armed our cleaning teams with tablets that allowed them to understand foot traffic, to monitor when refills such as soap and paper products were needed, and to control and clean rooms only when it required their attention.  Also, open workspaces were noted as available for day-time cleaning.

By empowering our employees with this technology, we realized these benefits for our client: 

  • Reduced cleaning hours by 15%
  • Reduced non-essential cleaning rounds by 30%
  • This change has allowed bathrooms, toilets and office environments to be kept clean and functional 99% of the time which increases the productivity of our client’s employees.
  • Increased quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cleaning intervals by 24% 
  • Cleaning teams have been able to redeploy to be more visible within our client environments and to spend more time on other important duties 
  • Greater control and cleaning of the sanitary rooms only after notification

While we were happiest to see our client’s satisfaction, we were greatly honored to be recognised in the category “Best Use of Smart Solutions,” of the 2019 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards in London.

A smart workplace means better experiences for all stakeholders.  What do your spaces and systems say about your company?  

See how Sodexo blends technology and facilities management for seamless efficiency.

November 28, 2019

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