Remote Sites

Whether on a platform off the North Sea, a mine site in the Artic or an Oil & Gas camp in the desert, we understand your specific needs. Our Quality of Life Services are tailored to meet both the expectations of your employees and your requirements in terms of safety, business continuity and performance.

With extensive research and dedicated tools, such as consumer surveys and Personix™, a unique consumer profiling tool developed by Sodexo, we better understand the well-being needs of your workforce.

Offshore and Marine

Because extended work rotations are extremely demanding for your crew, we deliver Quality of Life services to make their time away from home as comfortable as possible. We serve thousands of employees on offshore installations across the world, from the North Sea to the Falkland Islands, from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico.


Onshore projects require a highly skilled workforce during construction and operations phases. We serve thousands of men and women on onshore camps across the world: mine sites in Africa, South America and Australia; onshore Oil & Gas operations at Ras Laffan Industrial City in Qatar and shale Oil & Gas extraction sites in Continental USA.