vivabox, giving moments to remember


We inspire gift givers and surprise gift recipients with two gift moments rather than one.

  1. You get a first gift on opening the box, for instance skincare or fragrance samples, miniature bottles of wine…

  2. You get a second gift in the form of a certificate or voucher. This voucher can then be used to redeem a full-sized bottle of a favorite perfume, beauty treat or wine, or an experience such as a pampering weekend away.



vivabox, for consumers… as well as for brand and retailer partners


The vivabox unique gift concept promotes awareness and trial of products in very qualitative "discovery" kits that also guarantee a sale of a full-size product. Thus, we ensure to our brand partners one of the most elusive forms of introduction to potential new consumers. Our products also constitute for them one of the most profitable recruitment channels!

Also, we help retailers and brands reach these consumers through brilliant packaging, that both inspire and attract consumers and truly please the beneficiary.


vivabox, from an entrepreneurial project to an international presence


vivabox was launched by a group of entrepreneurs. The objective was to create a gift idea that was modern and truly generous. The first fragrance vivabox came to the market in Belgium in 2003. 
Sodexo Group acquired vivabox in 2007. Benefiting from the international infrastructure of Sodexo, vivabox has already developed its concept in 8 countries and is still expanding its footprint internationally.
vivabox is the partner of choice for more than 40 distributors, from general retailers (Carrefour, Delhaize, …) to specialized stores (Standaard Boekhandel, FNAC, …), and works with hundreds of brand partners (L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Vranken Pommery, …).

The vivabox product portfolio is extensive and includes over 200 vivabox branded products and a collection of co branded products that are produced for various retail partners. Globally, the product offering spans many product categories and is constantly innovating new gifting solutions.