Corporate Reponsibility Publications

Sodexo publishes documents that present its Corporate Citizenship strategy and performance to its stakeholders.

How does Sodexo "Buy"? - Inside Sodexo Fiscal 2013 (online version)

Ethics, safety, quality, traceability are the words which lead the procurement process at Sodexo. Discover why...

Wellness Charters - India (PDF, 567 Kb)

As part of its ongoing endeavour to promote health & wellness, Sodexo has developed a charter of activities for all sites to provide clear and visible commitment to its stakeholders. Today, the implementation of the Charters has been made in 7 sites for both clients and consumers, and is planned at 60 sites.

Supporting local quality egg production – Tanzania (PDF, 530 Kb)

Further to a high demand for quality eggs for most of its clients’ sites, Sodexo initiated in 2012 a project to support local egg producers to ensure the availability of quality eggs. The project involves training and technical support to the local producers who are now producing greater quantities of quality eggs.

Less crumbs, more meals! – France (PDF, 474 Kb)

To support the 2012 national Sustainable Development week, Sodexo organized an awareness campaign at 1,200 school restaurants. The goal was to create awareness and change behavior of over 300,000 children around the issue of food waste generated every day at school.

Less Salt - Slovenia (PDF, 575 Kb)

Sodexo follows the implementation of national plan to reduce the salt intake on a nationwide basis with objectives by 2020. Since 2011, the Sodexo “Less Salt” program provides and promotes food prepared with less salt and educates consumers about salt use and the potential health risks.