Activities case studies


Transocean in India (PDF, 471 Kb)

Sodexo’s Quality of Life services cover different facilities of Transocean in India, both offshore and onshore, to improve their performance.

Efficiency@sea (PDF, 987 Kb)

efficiency@sea is our offshore refurbishment solution to optimize the limited space on-board while improving amenities such as cabin acoustics, recreation facilities, galley upgrade and mess design.

Reconciliation Action Plan in Australia for 2011-2012 (PDF, 3 Mb)

Sodexo’s Reconciliation Action Plan builds on our existing commitment to developing sustainability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia. Our core action plans include direct employment, business enterprise and community sustainability, sporting, arts and culture, education and training.

BHP Billiton in Australia (PDF, 699 Kb)

For many years, BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, has been active at Olympic Dam, Australia’s largest underground mine. As is typical for such large remote-site endeavors, one of the biggest challenges for them is to not only attract and retain quality workers, but also to find innovative ways to make sure they stay happy and healthy. That’s why BHP Billiton recently decided to raise the bar for their Quality of Life service and to work with Sodexo.

ConocoPhillips Alaska (PDF, 385 Kb)

Today, ConocoPhillips produces one third of Alaska’s oil, with a presence in this region going back over 50 years. Sodexo has provided services to ConocoPhillips for over 20 years, and our unique partnership with the Doyon Native Regional Corporation – established by the US Congress – has resulted in an unparalleled powerhouse of expertise and services in the region.

CTSD in Sakhalin (PDF, 301 Kb)

In 2004, the Japanese firm Chiyoda, in a joint venture (CTSD), was awarded by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company the contract to build Russia’s first ever liquefied natural gas plant in the harsh subarctic environment of Sakhalin Island. CTSD needed a committed, long standing partner that could rise to the challenge (a huge investment, camp commissioning, thousands of employees from many nationalities, strict local government regulations, tight budgets and extreme climatic conditions...) allowing them to concentrate on getting the job done. CTSD chose Sodexo, based on several past experiences between Chiyoda and Sodexo on large projects in Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

QMM in Madagascar (PDF, 356 Kb)

QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) was given the green light in 2005 to develop an ilmenite (titanium dioxide) mine near Fort-Dauphin in South East Madagascar. In 2006, QMM appointed Sodexo to kick start operations with the island’s first large scale Pioneer Village. Achieving this in a country with no existing infrastructure and in one of the most inaccessible areas of the island demonstrates Sodexo’s exceptional expertise and dedication in delivering for its clients, solutions that go beyond their expectations.

Asia Pacific leaflet (PDF, 840 Kb)

Asia-Pacific companies are rapidly evolving into major world players, competing with long-standing international organizations in their quest for growth. As a result, their expectations are rising. That's where Sodexo comes in, to help you match and even surpass these expectations.

Dakar Rally in South America (PDF, 562 Kb)

In 2009, Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) had to move the Dakar Rally to Chile and Argentina due to geopolitical issues. For the first time ever, the Dakar would embark on a new continent – and, with it, a new world of challenges. A.S.O. needed Sodexo, a reliable partner with the experience, infrastructure and local knowledge necessary to make the transition a success.

Shell in Qatar (PDF, 494 Kb)

One of Shell’s most extensive endeavors, the Pearl GTL (gas to liquids) Project in Qatar was contracted through JK – a joint venture between JGC and KBR – and in collaboration with Qatar Petroleum. When completed, Pearl GTL will be the largest GTL plant on the planet. But Shell had a particular need: 3,500 new workers had to be housed, and Shell’s main accommodation camp was already full. What’s more, this wasn’t just any location. The activity in Ras Laffan Industrial City is very intense and you can’t just go shopping around for new facilities in such a desert environment. Shell would settle for nothing less than an ultra-reactive partner like Sodexo able to mobilize a new camp efficiently, while delivering the highest-quality operation and maintenance services possible.