Sodexo and the OECD join forces to further understand Quality of Life worldwide

May 27, 2013

Sodexo and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development announced today that they have agreed to an ambitious three-year partnership aimed at promoting Quality of Life as a factor in the development and progress of society.

Better Life Index (Homepage block)Under the terms of the agreement, the first of its kind for both Sodexo and the OECD, the two organizations will exchange information related to Quality of Life with civil society actors (private sector, NGO, academics, etc.) and the public sector. Through its ongoing work with governments, business and labor, the OECD has acquired a macro-economic vision on quality of life which it has translated into a unique international indicator: the Better Life Index. Sodexo, thanks to its 420,000-strong workforce and the 75 million people served by the company daily, has a highly granular, micro-economic perception of the issue. Their partnership will enable the two groups to exchange on these complementary perspectives.

OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria said: “This partnership is founded on our shared interest in well-being and quality of life. Sodexo’s support is most valuable in this endeavour.”

Sodexo Chief Executive Officer Michel Landel said: “At Sodexo, it is our deeply held belief that improving Quality of Life is the cornerstone of future growth. We are therefore very pleased to work with the OECD, which has done so much to emphasize the importance of a “Better Life” as a key component of societal progress.”

At the OECD Forum 2013 Michel Landel will speak during the plenary session panel discussion, “The New Societal Contract” (28 May, 3:15pm). This session will look into the fact that while political leaders are worried about the affordability of established social welfare models in an era of high public debt, low growth and aging populations, some companies are turning to a different business model: creating social value. What does a renewed societal contract mean for governments, business, and trade unions?

In addition, a number of Sodexo’s senior leaders and experts will contribute to the Forum’s discussions and debates:

  • Rohini Anand, Senior Vice-President and Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo will take part in the lunch debate on “The Male Factor” (28 May, 12 noon)

  • Laurent Cousin, Group SVP, Marketing Offer, Research & Development, Sodexo will take part in a lunch panel on “Learning to Listen” (28 May, 12 noon)

  • Mark Rollinger, Group Chief Legal Officer, Sodexo will participate in the IdeaFactory on “TRUST” (28 May, 3:30pm).

More information on the Forum is available at: