Sodexo and La Poste combine to serve French military abroad

November 28, 2012

Sodexo and the French post office, La Poste, announced the creation of a consortium to provide postal services (collection, transport and distribution of mail and parcels) for the 19,000 men and women serving on French military bases abroad. Both organizations expressed great pride in having been entrusted with providing vital support to France’s soldiers and the Ministry of Defense.

The four-year contract awarded to La Poste – Sodexo consortium resulted from a competitive process launched by the Ministry in 2010 for the provision of customized postal services for the armed forces.
The contract represents a new and unique approach for both partners, based on their complementary expertise: La Poste’s mail and package handling capabilities and Sodexo’s long experience in delivering high quality on-site services to clients operating in extreme environments, including support for military bases, temporary detachments and peacekeeping missions. The consortium’s offer thus represents a customized response, covering transport to distribution of parcels and letters, training for mail clerks and Sodexo teams on postal operations and setting up post offices from scratch in hostile operating theaters.

Salvator Erba, La Poste’s Director for Public Sector Market Large Accounts, said: "La Poste is proud to confirm its role as a natural partner to the Ministry of Defense and delighted to support the French armed forces in their various theaters of operations and at French Naval facilities; we look forward to ensuring the link between French troops and their families through a totally innovative approach, leveraging the expertise of La Poste and its teams.”

Sodexo Vice President for Defense, Continental Europe, Veronika Roux, said: "It is an honor for Sodexo to help support postal service for French military bases abroad. For military service personnel, the mail and parcels they exchange with their loved ones has a major influence on the quality of their daily lives. Through its expertise and understanding of the demands of military life gained through years of experience, Sodexo is able to offer integrated services that improve quality of life for armed forces women and men around the world."