Stock price

Adjusted Sodexo share price trends from initial listing through August 31, 2013
(in euros)

Since IPO share price
* Sodexo share price trend assuming it had tracked the CAC 40 index (the main stock market index of Paris).
Source: Sodexo


The initial listing was on March 2, 1983 at an adjusted price of 1.55 euro. As of August 31, 2013 (last trading day of Fiscal 2013), the closing share price was 66.77 euro.

Since its first listing, the value of Sodexo share has been multiplied by 43.1, whereas the CAC 40 index has been multiplied by only 10.6, which means Sodexo's shares have outperformed the CAC 40 by a wide margin.

Since listing on the stock exchange Sodexo's shares have registered an average annual appreciation of 13.1%, excluding dividends.