The optimal Gender balance

International Women’s Day, held every year on March 8, is the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the role of women in society, politics and the economy.

Copy of Gender Balance Business News

For Sodexo, it is the chance to increase the visibility of its commitments to Diversity and Inclusion and more specifically how it supports the advancement of women and promotes gender balance at every level of the organization.

This year, Sodexo has led an internal study that demonstrates the impact of the gender balance on performance through different indicators. Gender balance studies to date have looked extensively at the correlation between women in top-tier management positions and financial performance. Sodexo takes a step further by looking at how gender balance at all levels of management impacts both financial and non-financial performance.

To better understand the important impact of gender balance on performance, please discover the # 2 of our special feature, Gender Balance Business News.

Progressing towards equality

Women represent 54% of Sodexo’s workforce. Convinced that fostering the advancement of women, nurturing their talent and, more generally, encouraging gender balance is of vital importance, Sodexo has long placed gender balance at the heart of its strategy and performance.

The cornerstone of Sodexo's  gender strategy is the Sodexo Women's International Forum for talent, SWIFt, an advisory board dedicated to promoting women's advancement and is primarily focused on women in operational roles, positions in which women are traditionally underrepresented.

The Group carries out an ambitious and global ambitious including among others: training and awareness initiatives, mentoring, developing gender balance networks...

Women at Sodexo represent:

  • 38% of the Board

  • 43% of the Global Executive Committee (as of January 20, 2014)

  • 23% of the Top 300 Executives

  • 42% of Middle Managers

  • 54% Total Workforce

(source Sodexo, fiscal 2014)

The representation of women is increasing

Michel Landel, Group CEO, has made the commitment that Sodexo will reach 25% of women in its Top 300 population by 2015. Since 2009, this number has increased from 17% to 23%.

Furthermore, Michel Landel launched in 2009 Sodexo Women’s International Forum for Talent (SWIFt). Comprising 35 senior managers from 17 different nationalities and all areas of the organization, its objective is to improve gender balance and the advancement of women at every level of the organization.