Diversity and Inclusion: how we act

At Sodexo we work around five pillars – gender, generations, disability, ethnical origins and LGBT - to foster a culture that embraces differences and celebrates unique ideas, perspectives, experiences and talents.

As we strive to challenge stereotypes and disseminate the business case for diversity, we believe it is crucial to train all managers and employees.

Sodexo USA’s diversity learning strategy offers awareness training and skills building labs on topics ranging from generations in the workplace to cross-cultural communications.
Following the U.S. example, a program designed to heighten awareness, building skills and provide tools for managing within a diverse working environment was launched throughout Europe.
As of today, more than 23,000 Sodexo employees have been trained in “Spirit of Inclusion” sessions in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Luxemburg.

Our Remote Sites teams operate more than 1,300 locations, employing a multicultural workforce often working in extreme conditions. To remain experts in managing multicultural workforces, our teams hold diversity and inclusion trainings on a regular basis.

The “Cultural Navigator” is a web-based tool designed to help our employees understand and work around their cultural differences. Its aim? To make working in a global, multicultural and multilingual environment easier. In 2009, close to 600 web-users created their cultural profile.